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CIC’s 5th Multidisciplinary International Conference | Registration Open.

15/ 16 December 2021

Digital Transformation, Data and Information Industry (Visions & Challenges)
15/ 16 December 2021

For the sake of the efforts done by the Egyptian government in the Digital Transformation field, keeping up with the steps taken by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in building the digital aspects in Egypt for all industries, and also to improve the digital services in all the governmental entities, Mass Communication CIC organizes this conference under the title of Digital Transformation, Data and Information Industry (Visions & Challenges), especially after the challenges that the world is witnessing today and the effect of the digital revolution on the creativity and the creating content industry.

Conference Tracks:

1) Digital Media and its Challenges (Covid-19 Global Crisis)

  • Media coverage of Covid-19 crisis.
  • The impact of Covid-19 crisis on the media industry.
  • The future of the news industry in the midst of Covid-19 crisis.
  • Covid-19 challenges on the digital transformation of the e-learning field.

2) Digital Media and Information Security

  • Fake news and misleading information.
  • Information security and the media content industry.
  • Deception & electronic plagiarism, and their impact on the consumers.
  • Privacy issues in the digital era.

3) Media Production in the Digital Era.

  • The impact of digital transformation on radio and television production.
  • Application production via smart phones.
  • E-marketing and its applications in reputation management.

4) Digital Media between Collective Awareness and Pluralistic Ignorance.

  • Shaping collective awareness through digital media.
  • Media literacy and digital transformation challenges on content and audience.
  • The role of digital media in consolidating the values that support countering extremism.
  • The role of the media in disseminating knowledge and encouraging innovation according to Egypt’s Vision 2030.
  • The role of the media in developing and modernizing to achieve sustainable development.

If you are interested in participating in the 5th round of the conference arranged, you can find all details related to the dates for submission of abstracts, full papers, and registration in the following terms.

Participation Terms:

  • The papers submitted will be judged by the members of the concerned committee.
  • The research must not have been previously published anywhere else.
  • Entries are submitted in Word format, font size 14, Simplified Arabic type and 16 subtitles.
  • Contact the conference team to register on conference@cic-cairo.edu.eg
  • Submission of research summaries deadline, 25 August 2021, and the preparatory committee will announce the names of the accepted abstracts no later than 5 September 2021.
  • Full research should be sent on 1 November 2021, and the accepted research will be announced on 25 November 2021.
  • The researcher presents the summary of his research in one of the conference sessions, according to the identified areas.
  • The participation fees in the conference is 1000 pounds for Egyptian researchers, and 300 dollars for researchers from outside Egypt.
  • The winner of the best research award is awarded in the name of Prof. Maggie El-Halwani, Chairman of Mass Communication school.
  • A financial award will be given for the best research.
  • The conference research will be published in a book produced by CIC after the conference

If you have any further inquiries please send them on Conference e-mail (conference@cic-cairo.edu.eg)

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