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Business Technology (New Cairo)

Technology is now shaping our present and future and it has become mandatory in our daily life and the same goes for the different businesses. All sorts of businesses are now relying heavily on technology to enhance their business process. And for any fresh graduate to secure a place easily in the job market Business Technology is your to-go specialization.

A mix between the fundamentals of Business Administration equipping students with the skills needed to run an organization, in addition to the fundamentals of Business Technology that empower students and give them an edge to develop any business process.

School Of

Business Technology (New Cairo)

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The business program at CIC is not only about the curriculum but it is also about coaching with passion and guidance to build up our students strengths. Through the provided practical and soft skills training, students gain the required knowledge that qualifies them to have distinguished roles in their future careers. We prepare our students to become tomorrow’s leaders through developing the key competencies that will assist them to adapt to different work environments.

Dr. Rania Taher



Our Institute of Business at CIC offers Bachelor Degrees that are accredited from Egypt & Canada. The Egyptian degree is accredited from the Ministry of Higher Education & Supreme Council of Universities. Moreover, Students enrolled in the Dual Program will receive a Canadian Degree from our partner, Cape Breton University. Our graduates also get to enrol for the Syndicate of Commercial professions membership and fully enjoy its benefits.


Dual Program

Get the Canadian degree in your home country
CIC’s dual program allows you to get a dual bachelor degree, the Canadian degree from CBU along with the Egyptian one. We are offering you the opportunity to join the Canadian graduates and get an international degree that will give you an edge in the job market. Equip yourself with hands-on education & get ready for the market with the co-op program that will provide you with the market skills throughout your education period before graduation. The degrees are accredited from the ministry of higher education and CBU.
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CIC is dedicated to supporting its students and therefore has many scholarships and financial aid opportunities available. CIC is educating the leaders of tomorrow and wants to make sure that brilliant young minds are not overlooked based on their financial situation today. As part of our commitment to excellence in education, we want to ensure that all students who are accepted to CIC can pursue their studies with financial peace of mind. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, including merit and need.

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