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CIC was established in 2004 with the purpose of bringing Canadian Education closer to Egyptian students. We partnered with Cape Breton University. A partnership that we are proud of always as we continuously provide our students with affordable, Canadian bachelor degrees whether they decided to continue their studies here in Egypt through our dual degree program or in Canada through our transfer and exchange programs. We started with 250 students, 2 schools and only 1 campus. Being in the market for 14 years now CIC has 2 campuses, more than 8000 students, 1000+ graduates all of which are excelling either in their studies or their careers.


Get your Canadian degree

CIC has partnered with Cape Breton University – CBU in Canada for 15 years now, and since 2004 we have been sending students to study there every year. CIC offers a dual program that provides you with a Canadian bachelor degree from CBU in addition to the Egyptian one. BONUS: You get to travel and study there for a semester, one year, or even transfer completely. All those stories are real, they happened, and are still happening. And you can be next! All that you need to do is to join the dual program at CIC and you will be able to study in Canada starting your second academic year.


Canadian International Collge – CIC established its Institutes of Engineering in 2004 and 2012 consecutively. Students can study Engineering in any of our both campuses: New Cairo or Sheikh Zayed campus. The Institute provides a number of labs and workshops with recent devices and instruments to enable students to apply their knowledge and enhance their skills. Students applying to CIC can choose their field of specialization as CIC offers multiple majors.


CIC is dedicated to producing well-rounded graduates that possess not only academic excellence but also the real-world skills needed to succeed. In order to achieve this, CIC arranges field trips outside the campus to allow students to visit companies that are relevant to the material they are studying. These trips are designed to give them experience and insight into their major, making them more aware and equipped for when they graduate and enter their career. By doing so, CIC is providing the students with the experience beyond the classroom that will be the foundation for their future success. Business Administration students have the opportunity to visit different international and local companies including Coca-Cola, Egypt Air and many more. Students are often given assignments or projects that encapsulate the experience in a meaningful way.


Technology is now shaping our present and future and it has become mandatory in our daily life and the same goes for the different businesses. All sorts of businesses are now relying heavily on technology to enhance their business process. And for any fresh graduate to secure a place easily in the job market Business Technology is your to-go specialization. A mix between the fundamentals of Business Administration equipping students with the skills needed to run an organization, in addition to the fundamentals of Business Technology that empower students and give them an edge to develop any business process.


The Institute of Mass Communication in CIC offers a B.A. in Mass Communication which covers three majors: Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations and Advertising. Those majors concentrate basically on the following tracks: The impact of the different medias roles on societies (local, regional and global), Journalism, news coverage, radio and video production, the practice of public relations and advertising, and the tips and tricks of digital marketing as it is one of the emerging media and most used now. The Institute’s role is to help students develop their skills and get them ready for the job market through theoretical and practical learning. It uses learning methodologies and theories that emphasis on Arab media and encourages the students to engage with the complexity of contemporary media and understand the main concepts, methods, and approaches used in media and communication industry.