Ramadan Around the World The holy Month of Ramadan isn't just about fasting, it’s the month of Forgiveness, sharing and gathering.   Throughout history, Every country created a traditional way to celebrate Ramadan, Traditional food, drinks, decorations and even traditional customs.                               
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We have all been in this situation before where you apply online for a job and you get rejected even before you make it to the interview. And you have probably asked yourself before about the reason behind this rejection but you never found the answer. Here is why we have collected some of the most common
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The “ISSF Shotgun World Cup” is in Egypt 2021!
Selecting a college or university isn’t as simple as picking out a new phone, it can actually seem to be pretty stressful for some people.
Remote work is on the rise! According to Upwork freelancing platform, there is an 87% increase in the number of remote workers prior to Covid-19 pandemic. Let's tell you why!
College Is Almost Over? Here Is What You Should Do. 
As an educational institution we couldn’t pass this Parade without stressing on the importance of such an event.