School of
Computer Science

Computer Science Institute, New Cairo is founded in 2019 covering three majors: Data Science, Game Development, Mobile, and Cloud Computing.
Due to the high demand for a new generation of high-level technology specialists, Computer Science in CIC assures that all curricula meet the required professional standards of knowledge, cognitive and practical subject-specific skills.
We are confident that graduates attain the principal competencies in Applied Computer Science that create from them future competitive candidates for facing the different facets of workplaces.

Why study Computer Science at CIC?


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Practical Learning

Our Student Development Office ensures that you get the knowledge and experience needed to get you ready for the job market. We send you on field trips where you visit international companies to get the chance to see things in action! We have been to many international companies like Microsoft, Orange, Coca-Cola, Egypt Air and more.

Entry Requirements

The Ministry of Higher Education determines the minimum grade for acceptance each academic year through . In addition, for the dual program, students must qualify for the Canadian partner university requirements.

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CIC is dedicated to producing well-rounded graduates that possess not only academic excellence, but also the real-world skills needed to succeed. In order to achieve this, CIC arranges for field trips outside the campus to allow students to visit businesses that are relevant to the material they are studying. These trips are designed to give them experience and insight into their major, making then more aware and equipped for when they graduate and enter their career. By doing so, CIC is providing the students with the experience beyond the classroom that will be the foundation for their future success.


The Computer Science School is committed to provide an outstanding academic climate that will earn students the knowledge, skills and ethics to compete locally, partner with Canadian universities to qualify for work regionally and internationally, support scientific research and gain the trust of the community


Leading higher education institutions in the Middle East in awarding internationally accredited degrees


Computer Science Institute offers a Bachelor Degree in Applied Computer Science that is accredited from the Ministry of Higher Education and Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt. So upon graduation, our students can register at the Syndicate of Scientific Professions. The study in the institute is based on a credit hour system. Students graduate after successfully completing 140 credit hours distributed among 43 subjects and passing Military Education.


Message From The Dean

Prof. Eman Karam

Dean of Computer Science Institute

“CIC Computer Science Program is preparing students for a new era in computing technology. Students practice theory, make projects on different scales and participate through many activities during their study. They have the opportunity to compete locally and globally, as CIC is confident that the graduates acquire principal competencies in Applied Computer Science.”

The school of Computer Sciences at the CIC welcomes you. As the youngest school in the CIC established at 2019 we look forward to establish our name in both computing and technology domains offering three undergraduate degree programs. As we all know we are in the midst of a rapid revolution of information and communication. It is difficult to predict what we will see in 100, 30 or even 10 years from now. The Computer Science, which you will learn on, is one of the most critical technologies that supports this revolution. The school focuses on teaching theories and practical skills in the fields of computer science and information technology. Lecturers and students have access to computers, information networks, and IT tools in the skillful learning environment. We look forward to strengthening the cooperation with industry, and is striving to promote technological innovations and actively encouraging technology transfers.
Assoc. Prof. Dalia Magdy
Vice dean's message

School Staff

In this course, you will be taught by staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. This could include senior academic staff, qualified professional practitioners, and research students, many of whom are actively engaged in research and/or professional practice which is integrated into the teaching of this course. Please note that staff can change..

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