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Mass Communication

The Institute of Mass Communication in CIC offers a B.A. in Mass Communication which covers three majors: Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations, and Advertising.
Mass Communication school is mainly about the impact of the different media roles on societies (local, regional and global), journalism, news coverage, radio, video production, public relations and advertising practices, and the tips and tricks of digital marketing as it is one of the emerging media and most-used now.

Why study Mass Communication at CIC?


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Practical Learning

A variety of learning methods are used to present the Theoretical part in addition to other learning Methods used for presenting the practical parts , the theoretical parts are presented with the highest level of teaching techniques including Discussions , materials, books, Researches , self-Studies ,activities, and Field trips to the different media organization on the other hand The practical parts are given throughout an extensive, planned training throughout their 4 years starting from the internal media training that are taught in our well-equipped studios and by the professional experts working in the mass media field ,Turning to the soft skills training that are provided by the SDO department who are specialized in providing the students with the courses that are directly related to the media Market and are taught also by highly qualified trainers and ending up with the external training that give the chance for the students to participate in other media courses and trainings in the Professional training academies locally(on-air academy, Media Tobia academy ) and internationally (DW Akademie and France 24academy)

Entry Requirements

The Ministry of Higher Education determines the minimum grade for acceptence each academic year. It’s important also to note that students who are interested to enroll in the Dual program must qualify for Cape Breton University’s requirements.

Alumni Of This School

Haya Alaa
Media and Marketing Coordinator at Egyptian Space Agency
Ahmed Sherif
Quality Academic Coordinator
Yasmine Ahmed
Head of Youth Committee in the Arab Women Investors Union
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the school of Mass communication at CIC provides the students with a full picture about the Media content, Media Branches, Media components and its role in the societies through a well-designed Dual Degree and Egyptian Degree that concentrates on graduating a qualified mass-communicator who can compete in the Media field national, regionally and internationally.


The institute is committed to providing a distinguished academic environment that enables the student to gain knowledge, skills and ethics of the profession and to strengthen partnership with Canadian universities to develop the academic environment, which will be reflected on the professional aspect of the graduate and qualify him for the local, regional and international labor market and support scientific research for community service and development purposes.


Support and build a pioneering and distinguished future for the covenant in granting internationally accredited degrees in the field of modern media technology and continuous support for scientific research and community development.


Our bachelor of Mass Communication is accredited from Egypt and Canada. An accreditation that gives our students the chance to graduate with an Egyptian degree accredited from the Supreme Council of Universities, and a Canadian degree accredited from Cape Breton University. Our partnership with CBU gives our dual program students the chance to earn their accredited Canadian bachelor degree from CBU whether at their hometown or by transferring to Canada. Upon graduation, students can register at the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate and get licensed.


CIC is well known for its state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring that our students have access to everything they need to support and encourage them to succeed during their years of study. With our in-house TV & Radio studios students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom in the latest technology-based facilities.

Message From The Dean

Prof. Dr. Amal El-Ghazawy

Dean of Mass Communication Institute

“In the school of Mass Communication, we offer three educational programs that qualify graduates to compete in the media field, whether in the field of radio and television, public relations and advertising, or in the field of journalism and electronic publishing with efficiency and distinction. Also, the partnership with Cape Burton University and cooperation agreements with various media training agencies have given our graduates The ability to acquire cutting edge knowledge, and update their skills set in accordance to media technological advances, giving them a competitive advantage in the market”

"Joining the Broadcasting major will open new horizons for you that will enlighten your upcoming career Path. you will find yourself turned from a beginner to an expert as the major is focusing on enhancing your skills and talents in addition to the up to date theoretical and practical content that will help you find your talents, your points of strength and selecting your future career, you might find yourself a talented writer, a creative director, a qualified producer or a presentable announcer. The broadcasting major will give you the chance to meet the media experts and professionals as well as learn from them Come and join our broadcasting major and enjoy the experiences of achieving your dreams.   "
Dr. Amira Samir
Vice Dean of Mass Communication

School Staff

In this course, you will be taught by staff with relevant expertise and knowledge appropriate to the content of the unit. This could include senior academic staff, qualified professional practitioners, and research students, many of whom are actively engaged in research and/or professional practice which is integrated into the teaching of this course. Please note that staff can change..

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