On that day, 25 April 1982, the Egyptian Army who kept struggling, by all means, to regain our lands should be remembered. We also honor those who sacrificed themselves for Sinai’s liberation.

Celebrating this memorable event, Mass Communication school in CIC organized a seminar under the title of “ Challenges of the Egyptian National Security in the current circumstances”

The seminar was held on Sunday, 4 April 2021 in Toronto hall, under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Abo ElNasr, CIC consultant, Prof. Amal El-Ghazawy, Dean of Mass Communication & Prof. Magy El Halawany, Chairman of Mass Communication.

The Egyptian General Samir Farag is considered one of the greatest figures who took over main military positions in the Egyptian army: he is a Senior Strategist, Security & Defense Advisory Board of the ARE President, and he is also a Former Assistant of Ministry of Defense, ARE.

We are proud to honor such figures on our campus to highlight Egyptians’ great victories.