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About Major

Studying Business Information System is a challenging field focused on integrating computer-based information technology solutions and business processes to meet businesses needs and other enterprises. The computer-based information technology is viewed as an instrument for generating, processing and distributing information. While computers are the tool for this field, we equip students to be able to create an efficient and valuable environment within their organizations. Here we develop Classes using modern equipment, based on the advanced electronics, in line with the latest trends in science and technology.


Program Objectives

Business Information system (BIS) program deals with the practical and theoretical problems of collecting and analyzing information in a business area. The program consists of courses which include topics in modern fields such as Technologies and theories for the structuring and analyzing of information.

What will I learn?

Organizational studies: theories of organizations, and how they communicate and share information. Basics of business analysis, marketing, accounting, project management and human resource management. Theories and practice for programming, the design of user interfaces, data mining and visualization. Knowledge of different operating systems, environments, applications, and utilities. Web application development such as management information systems. Knowledge of information administration, database and database administration, and information centres.

Career Path

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The Canadian Higher Institute for Engineering Technology and Business Administration, in egis with the Canadian Universities, is committed to offering a distinguished academic climate that

 allows the student to gain the knowledge, skills and professional ethics to be able to excel and compete locally and regionally, and to ensure being an effective member of the society, raise the

 academic competency and innovation and stimulate the societal responsibility.

Major of Business Information System

Study Plan

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Semester 1

(BADM 100) Introduction To Business
(COMP 100) Introduction to computer
(ACCT 150) Accounting |
(BASC 122) Business math 1
(HUMN XXX) Humanities electives

Semester 2

(COMP 101) Computer programing1
(BASC 123) Business math 2
(NETW 150) internet fundamentals
(INFO 140) introduction to information system
(HUMNXX) Humanities elective

Semester 1

(ENGL 172) ENGL 101
(COMP 200)) operating system 1
(BASC 200)Introduction To Statistics
(INFO 240) system analysis and design
(NETW 250) introductions to Network
(ACCT 151 )Accounting ||

Semester 2

(MRKT 160) Introduction To Marketing
(ENGL 173) ENGL 102
(COMP 201) computer programming
(BADM 203) Introduction to public communication
(INFO 241 )Database 1
(NETW 251 )Advanced network management

Semester 1

(COMP 301) Operating system 2
(COMP 302) Software engineering
(BASC 310) Operation research
(INFO 341 )Database 2
(ACCT 351 )Managerial accounting
(MRKT 462 )Marketing research 1

Semester 2

(COMP 300) computer programing 3
(INFO 342 )business strategies in IT
(NETW 350 )Information system security
(NETW 351) Business network planning and design
(HUMN 330) Introduction To Human Civilization
Humanities electives

Semester 1

(HUMN 234) academic writing
(INFO 401 )iT project management
(INFO 440 )E-Commerce technologies
(INFO 443 )Technical entrpreunureship
(MAJOR )Specialized electives
(MAJOR )Specialized electives

Semester 2

(COMP 400) system implementation project
(INFO 441 )current issues in IT
(INFO 442 )Information system management
(INFO 445 )Data warehousing
(INFO 446) Quality assurance of software and information systems
Specialized electives

Humanities Electives (3 courses)
(HUMN 131) Public relations
(HUMN 237) Political science
(HUMN 231) Media
(HUMN 238) Introduction to Negotiation Skills
(HUMN 400) technical writing
(ENGL 170 )Communication 1
(ENGL 171) Communication 2
(HUMN 235) information technology documentation

  • Specialized Electives (3 courses)
    (BTEC 411) Decision support system (DSS)
    (BTEC 412) Introduction to Artificial intelligence
    (BTEC 413) Distributed systems
    (BTEC 417) Multimedia
    (BTEC 418) Data mining
    (BTEC 416) Selected Topics in information system
    (BTEC 419) managing data centers

Our Stuff

Assoc. Prof. Tamer Refaat

Vice Dean of Business School

  • PhD in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2010.


  • Master of Science in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2004.


  • B.Sc. of Architectural Engineering, October High Institute for Architectural Engineering and Business Administration, 1999.

Dr. Rania Aly Sokrat

Associate Professor at Business School

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration, Sadat Academy, 2014.
  • Master’s in public administration, Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, 2009.
  • Sc. Of Commerce, Business Administration, Cairo University, 1991.

Dr. Rania Taher

Assistant Professor at Business School

  • Ph.D. in International Affairs, Helwan University, 2011.
  • Master “Political Science” in International Affairs, Helwan University, 2004.
  • Sc. Of Commerce, Helwan University, 1999.

Head of Department Message

Prof. Tamer Refaat
Vice dean's Business Administration
We are delighted to welcome you to the Canadian International College of Engineering. Engineers have always been at the forefront of technology of global innovation and progress. Our programs give students the chance to combine a strong theoretical foundation with real-world experience. In view of today’s world dynamic difficulties, engineers from a variety of disciplines are urgently and innovatively needed to balance both human needs and natural concerns.

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