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About Major

The Mechatronics major at CIC provides a various number of courses in different architectural disciplines, that teach students to highlight and solve problems, and improve the built environment, consequently, preparing them for the professional field.


About Major

The Mechatronics Engineering Program at the Canadian Higher Institute of Engineering 
Technology and Management seeks leadership among the corresponding programs locally and 
regionally, coping with the advancements in the field of specialization and achieving sustainable 



The Mechatronics Engineering Program at the Canadian Higher Institute of Engineering 
Technology and Management is committed to preparing a distinguished graduate by providing a 
stimulating academic climate and an advanced educational environment to ensure that the 
graduate acquires scientific and practical skills and competencies in addition to the ability to 
conduct scientific research and provide community and environmental services within a 
framework of professional values ​​and ethics. 

Program Objectives

1. Prepare a competitive graduate specialized in the field of mechatronics engineering with the 
professional competencies necessary to meet the needs of the local and international market 
preserving required engineering ethics and regulations. 
2. Enhance the ability to solve problems based on creative thinking and basic engineering 
knowledge as well as the ability to design and analyze in the field of mechatronics technology. 
3. Enhance field professional skills and ability to deal with new technology and improve 
teamwork and communication ability. 
4. Employ the available capabilities and maximizing them in order to provide a stimulating 
academic climate for all parties to the educational process, and thus enhancing the 
competitiveness of the program. 
5. Provide a distinguished education for the students that covers advanced and important areas, 
stimulates them to research, and gives them the ability to continuously learn. 

What will I learn?

You will learn as a Mechatronics engineer to use a combination of mechanical, electrical, computer, and software skills to work with smart technologies, such as robots, automated guided systems, and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment, and build them with excellent quality.

Career Path

The interdisciplinary nature of mechatronics opens the door to a variety of career options in areas including advanced manufacturing and automation, robotics, nanotechnology, aerospace, computing and electronics, hardware and software, bioengineering, and mining engineering.

Major of Mechatronics

Study Plan

In order to build and implement complex systems, this curriculum provides students with a well-rounded blend of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering abilities as well as specialized courses for integrating various technical disciplines. The curriculum aims to increase students’ understanding of the fundamentals of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer programming.

Semester 1

1st BAS 011   Mathematics1
1st BAS 021   Physics1
1st BAS 041   Engineering Chemistry
1st BAS 032   Mechanics 1
1st MED 011     Engineering Drawing & Projection
1st HUM A1   General Requirements  (Elective A)
( Communication in Education I )
1st HUM 081 Computer Skills

Semester 2

2nd BAS 012    Mathematics 2
2nd BAS 022   Physics 2
2nd BAS 033   Mechanics 2
2nd HUM 011   Arabic Language
2nd MED 021   History of Engineering & Technology
2nd MED 022   Principles of  Manufacturing Engineering
2nd HUM A2   General Requirements  (Elective A)
( Communication in Education II )

Semester 1

1st BAS 011   Mathematics1
1st BAS 021   Physics1
1st BAS 041   Engineering Chemistry
1st BAS 032   Mechanics 1
1st MED 011    Engineering Drawing & Projection
1st HUM A1   General Requirements  (Elective A)
( Communication in Education I )
1st HUM 081   Computer Skills

Semester 2

2nd BAS 012    Mathematics 2
2nd BAS 022   Physics 2
2nd BAS 033   Mechanics 2
2nd HUM 011   Arabic Language
2nd MED 021   History of Engineering & Technology
2nd MED 022    Principles of  Manufacturing Engineering
2nd HUM A2   General Requirements  (Elective A)
( Communication in Education II )

Semester 1

MEP 221    Fluid Mechanics 2
MET 111    Introduction to Mechatronics 1
MED 221    Casting & Joining Processes
MED 251    Dynamics of Mechanisms & Robots
MET A1 Minor  Requirements (Elective A)
MED 351    Mechanical Vibrations
IEN 131   Monitoring & Quality Control System

Semester 2

BAS 211   Mathematics 4
MED 211   Mechanical Design
MED 252    Modeling & Simulation of Mechanical Systems
MET 421   Robotics Engineering
MET A2   Minor  Requirements (Elective A)
MEP 341    Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
CIW 331   Environmental Impact of  Projects

Semester 1

291   Field Training 1

ELP 342  Electrical Machines & Industrial Electronics

MED 371  Measurement Techniques & Codes

MEP 231  Heat Transfer

MED 361  Automatic Control & Applications

MEP 371  Hydraulic Machines & Hydraulic Power Stations

BAS 212  Statistics & Probability Theory

Semester 2

MET 411  Introduction to Mechatronics 2

MED 321  CNC Machines & Material Cutting Processes

IEN 351   Engineering Economics

MET 431    Motion control & Servo Systems

HUM 381   Principles of Negotiation

HUM 111   Technical Report Writing

HUM 351   Professional Ethics

Semester 1

391   Field Training 2

MET 491   Project 1

ELE 413   Embedded Systems

MET 412  Design of Mechatronics Systems

INST A1  Institute Requirements Elective A

HUM A3  General Requirements  (Elective A)

IEN 314   Project  Management

MET A3  Minor  Requirements (Elective A)

Semester 2

MET 492   Project 2

HUM B1   General Requirements  (Elective B)

HUM 352    Human Rights

HUM 182 ,  Analysis & Research Skills

HUM A4  General Requirements  (Elective A)

INST A2   Institute Requirements Elective A

INST A3   Institute Requirements Elective A

Institute Requirements ( Elective A )  (Select 6 Credit Hrs)
CIS 111      Principles of Construction & Building Engineering
ARC 111        Arts & Architecture
ELP 111     Principles of  Electrical Engineering
ELE 121       Principles of  Electronic Engineering
MED 111        Principles of  Design & Manufacturing Engineering
MEP 111        Principles of  Mechanical Power Engineering
ARC 110        Principles of Architectural Design
ELE 477       Principles of Coding Theory
ELE 472      Principles of Optoelectronics
Minor  Requirements (Elective A) (Select9 Credit Hrs)
ELC 423       Advanced programming techniques
ELC 461         Advanced control systems
ELC 471        Artificial Intelligence & its Applications
MED 424       Advanced Topics in Manufacturing
MED 481   Hydraulics & Pneumatic Control Systems
MET 441     Bio-mechatronics
IEN 333       Statistical quality control
MED 421       CAD/CAM
IEN 316      Facility Planning and design
MET 451       Automotive Mechatronics
General Requirements  ( Elective A )  (Select 8 Credit Hrs)
HUM X62     Music Appreciation
HUM X71       Introduction to History of Civilization
HUM X72      Trends in Contemporary Arts
HUM X73         Recent Egypt’s History
HUM X74        Heritage of Egyptian Literature
HUM X75     Arab & Islamic Civilization
HUM X76    Literary Appreciation
HUM X51     Communication in Education 1
HUM X52         Communication in Education 2
General Requirements  ( Elective B )  (Select 2 Credit Hrs)
HUM 121    Introduction to Accounting
HUM 221     Business Administration

Our Staff

Dr. Reda Ahmed Khalaf-allah

Head of Mechatronics / Associate Professor at Engineering School

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Zagazeg University 1993

  • Master of Mechanical Engineering, Zagazeg University, 2004

  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Benha University 2012.

Dr. Naguib Saleh

Head of Quality Unit and Assistant Professor at Mechatronics Department

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Loughborough University UK,2005

  • M.Sc. of Mechanical Engineering, Demontfort University, 2001

Dr. Mina Hemmat Mikhail Gergies

Coordinator and Assistant professor at Mechatronics Department

  • PhD in Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2020.
  • Master of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2013.
  • Sc. of Mechanical Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2008.

Head of Department Message

Dr. Reda Ahmed Khalaf-allah
Head of Mechatronics Department at Engineering School
CIC training is the great ordinary means to a great but ordinary end; it aims at raising the intellectual tone of society…It is the education which gives a man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them and a force in urging them.

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