The CIC honored the esteemed artist Mohamed Sobhy

The CIC hosted the greatest artist Mohamed Sobhy yesterday in a seminar under the name of “The Role of Culture and Art in Human Development” as part of the launch of the “We Are All Egyptians” campaign, which returned after ten years to be held in all Egyptian universities, with the aim of spreading awareness of societal culture among young people.

 CIC was chosen as the first destination to launch the campaign due to its constant keenness to lead all cultural and media events and seminars.

During the session the artist Mohamed Sobhy emphasized the importance of the role of art in changing society, specifically shedding light on the role of women in dramatic works. He stressed the importance of highlighting the positive aspects of society and stopping the export of negative images about Egyptian society through cinema and television. He also spoke with CIC students about the history of the creation of the city of Sunbul and how its idea is linked to ordinary citizens who believed in his artistic works, as well as the importance of connecting artistic works to ordinary citizens to give them hope for development and change.

He continued talking about his happiness with the future vision of Egypt 2030 and the importance of the role of youth and students in achieving this vision through work and adherence to Egyptian values, morals, and constant pride in the Arabic language.

The floor was then opened for direct questions from students, including the role of people with special needs. Mohamed Sobhy emphasized in his response his constant demand to change the name from “people with special needs” to “people with exceptional abilities” because he believes in their active participation in society.

He also mentioned during the event the war that is happening now in  “Palestine” and how he witnessed the events of the occupation of Palestine since its beginning in 1948, expressing his intense anger and sadness from childhood, which encouraged him to support the Palestinian cause in his artistic works

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