Throughout the past week, we have been celebrating the graduation projects of the Business administration Class of 2021, under the supervision of Dr.Rania Taher, Head of business administration.

On Sunday the 28th of March CIC’s Business administration students discussed the graduation projects for the first semester under the supervision of  Prof. Yasser El Tayeb.

We were pleased with the presence of Prof. Salah Ismail.Dean of the Faculty of Commerce – Business Administration, Helwan University.

The academic staff of the CIC who had attended the discussion of the projects is Prof. Rania Taher, Prof. Amr Abd El Gawad, Prof. Yasser El Tayeb, Prof. Amany Abd El Halim, Prof. Suha Shalaby, and Prof. Ahmed Atef.

Also a huge thank you note to the Drs. who had helped our graduates in the project throughout the whole semester, Dr. Menna Haggag, Dr. Ahmed Ossama, Dr. Mark Samir, Dr. Lamees Ashraf, Financial Aspects: Prof. Amr Abd El Gawad.