6 Tips for Completing a Job Application!-2

We have all been in this situation before where you apply online for a job and you get rejected even before you make it to the interview.

And you have probably asked yourself before about the reason behind this rejection but you never found the answer.

Here is why we have collected some of the most common mistakes that candidates do when applying.

  • Misspellings or Grammatical errors 

 Check your application before submission

 Employers will draw negative conclusions about your writing skills, try using Grammarly to correct any mistakes or errors quickly for free.

  •   Paragraphs That Are Too Long

Keep your descriptions concise and focused.

Employers may not take the time to read overly dense sections of your application and could miss out on some key information. 

Don’t write all of the details and the tasks that you have made, only mention your past job titles and a snippet about your job description.


  • Leaving a section with no answer

You have to complete all sections of the job application. Some employers will screen candidates based on application information before deciding which candidates will be interviewed.

  • Information Not Related to the Job

Don’t include any text that is not directly related to the position

Your answer should focus on why you’re the best-qualified person for the job, Don’t waste your time or the hiring manager’s time writing unnecessary information.

  • Write false experiences and information 

 Your application will remain part of your employee file, and any falsifications can be grounds for withdrawing a job offer or even terminating your employment.

 Dishonesty and fabricated information are huge mistakes ,so avoid the temptation to make puff up.


  • Don’t write anything personal

Don’t write any Personal Information, Keep your focus on the professional reasons why the company should hire you, not the personal reasons.

Your goal is to convince the hiring manager that you are a qualified candidate, not to get someone to consider you because you like coffee for example.

Application Tips

Review before submitting

You may have already reviewed the application a couple of times checking for errors and following all of the instructions, you still need to make a final review of your application before submitting it.

Once you are satisfied that you have done your best, click the submit button and leave the rest to the hiring team.

Good Luck Everyone!

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