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About Major

The Architecture major at CIC provides a various number of courses in different architectural disciplines, that teaches students to highlight and solve problems, and improve the built environment, consequently, preparing them for the professional field.


Program Objectives

The major objectives of the Architecture Program are to prepare a competitive architect who has the needed skills and professional competencies to accomplish the architectural labor market needs with the ability to apply emerging concepts of design from different fields, integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines and use the critical thinking and analytical technique.

What will I learn?

Architects must have a diverse range of learning competencies, talents and skills in order to complete their education and successfully enter the career field. Although many required skills can be learned in college, some skills, such as the ability to imagine a future project and design a sustainable and eco-friendly project that compatible with the state’s future plans and its sustainable development goals.

Career Path

There are basic types of architects. Within each career path there are multiple positions possible, depending on the size of the company in which you are employed. Here are types of architects, followed by specific architecture careers within each: Project Manager/ Sustainability Consultant/ Design Architect/ Technical Architect/ Interior and Spatial Designer/ Construction manager/ Higher Education Academic Staff/ Landscape Architect/ Architectural Technician.


Architecture program discipline undergoes certain limitations to have the best and unique architect, through providing an encouraging environment that enhances him to build up his skills and his competencies to gain the ability to conduct advanced scientific research. In order to be qualified in a perfect way, coping with the labor market needs, according to the nation and international norms, fulfilling the society's needs.

Major of Architecture

Study Plan

A program plan, or study plan, is an outline of courses to be studied in consequential semesters as part of a program.
If you are a new student, kindly, join your academic advisor for advice on planning your program.

Semester 1

  • (BAS011)Mathematics
  • (BAS 021)Physics 1
  • (BAS 041) Chemistry 
  • (BAS 032)Mechanics1
  • (HUM A1)General Requirements (Elective A1) Communication in Education I 
  • (MED011)Engineering Drawing & Projection
  • (HUM 081)Computer Skills

Semester 2

  • (BAS012)Mathematics2
  • (BAS 022)Physics 2
  • (BAS 033)Mechanics 2
  • (HUM 011)Arabic Language
  • (MED 021)History of Engineering & Technology
  • (MED 022)Principles of Manufacturing Engineering
  • (HUM A2)General Requirements (Elective A2) Communication in Education II 

Semester 1

  • (ARC 112)Visual training & Freehand Drawing
  • (ARC 113)Sciography & Perspective
  • (ARC 131)Building Construction 1
  • (ARC 121)History & Theory of Architecture 1
  • (CIS 114)Structural Analysis 1
  • (INST A1)Institute Requirements (Elective A1) Principle of Architecture Design
  • (HUM 012)English Language 1

Semester 2

  • (CIW 121)Engineering Surveying
  • (INST A2)Institute Requirements (Elective A2) Arts & Architecture
  • (ARC 122)History & Theory of Architecture 2
  • (ARC 151)Architectural Design 1
  • (HUM 111)Technical Report Writing
  • (MEP 342)Air Conditioning in Buildings
  • (HUM 013)English Language 2

Semester 1

  • (CIS 140)Behaviour of Materials & Concrete Technology
  • (ARC 132)Building Construction 2
  • (ARC B1)Major Requirements (Elective B1) Interior Design
  • (ARC 252)Architectural Design 2
  • (ARC 223)History & Theory of Architecture 3
  • (CIS 223)Design of Reinforced concrete Structures
  • (IEN 314)Project Management

Semester 2

  • (ARC 241)Environmental Control 
  • (ARC 253)Architectural Design 3
  • (ARC 224)History & Theory of Architecture 4
  • (ARC 233)Building Construction 3
  • (CIW 232)Sanitary Installations in Building
  • (ARC 262)History & Theory of Planning
  • (CIS 224)Soil Mechanics and Foundation

Semester 1

  • (IEN 131)Monitoring & Quality Control System
  • (ARC 354)Architectural Design 4
  • (CIW 331)Environmental Impact of Projects
  • (ARC 261)Landscape & Urban Design
  • (BAS 212)Statistics & Probability Theory
  • (ARC 371)Architectural & Urban Legislations
  • (HUM 182)Analysis & Research Skills
  • (291)Field Training 1

Semester 2

  • (ARC 355)Architectural Design 5
  • (ARC A1)Major Requirements (Elective A1) Feasibility Studies Of Urban Projects
  • (ARC B2)Major Requirements (Elective B2) Sustainable Architecture 
  • (IEN 351)Engineering Economics
  • (CIS 231)Design of Steel Structure 1
  • (ARC 242)Acoustics & Illumination
  • (ARC 331)Working Drawings 1

Semester 1

  • (INST A3)Institute Requirements (Elective A3) Principles of Design & Manufacturing Engineering
  • (HUM 381)Principles of Negotiation
  • (ARC 463)Housing
  • (ARC 491)Project 1
  • (HUM A3)General Requirements (Elective A3) Arab & Islamic Civilization
  • (ARC 332)Working Drawings 2
  • (HUM 181)Communication & Presentation Skills
  • (391)Field Training 2

Semester 2

  • (ARC 472)Execution Documents
  • (ARC A2)Major Requirements (Elective A2) Advanced Technical Installations
  • (ARC 492)Project 2
  • (HUM 351)Professional Ethics
  • (HUM 352)Human Rights
  • (HUM A4 )General Requirements (Elective A4)Trends in Contemporary Arts
  • (HUM B1)General Requirements ( Elective B ) Business Administration

Institute Requirements ( Elective A ) (Select 6 Credit Hrs.)

  • (CIS 111)Principles of Construction & Building Engineering
  • (ARC 111)Arts & Architecture 
  • (ELP 111)Principles of Electrical Engineering
  • (ELE 121)Principles of Electronic Engineering
  • (MED 111)Principles of Design & Manufacturing Engineering 
  • (MEP 111)Principles of Mechanical Power Engineering
  • (ARC 110)Principles of Architectural Design
  • (ELE 477)Principles of Coding Theory
  • (ELE 472)Principles of Optoelectronics

General Requirements ( Elective A ) (Select 8 Credit Hrs.)

  • (HUM X62)Music Appreciation
  • (HUM X71)Introduction to History of Civilization
  • (HUM X72)Trends in Contemporary Arts
  • (HUM X73)Recent Egypt's History
  • (HUM X74)Heritage of Egyptian Literature
  • (HUM X75)Arab & Islamic Civilization
  • (HUM X76)Literary Appreciation
  • (HUM X51)Communication in Education I
  • (HUM X52) Communication in Education 2

General Requirements ( Elective B ) (Select 2 Credit Hrs.)

  • (HUM 121)Introduction to Accounting
  • (HUM 221)Business Administration

Major Requirements (Elective A) Select 4 Credit Hrs.

  • (ARC 327)Architectural Criticism & Projects Evaluation
  • (ARC 334)Building Economics
  • (ARC 335)Advanced Technical Installations
  • (ARC 336)Maintenance of Buildings
  • (ARC 372)Feasibility Studies Of Urban Projects

Major Requirements (Elective B) Select 6 Credit Hrs.

  • (ARC 411)Computer Applications in Architecture
  • (ARC 457)Interior Design
  • (ARC 458)Sustainable Architecture 
  • (ARC 464)Urban Renewal
  • (ARC 481)Conservation of Urban Heritage

Our Staff

Prof. Ahmed Atef

Dean of Business & Engineering Schools

  • Ph.D. in Architecture Engineering, Ain-Shams University, 2002.
  • Master’s in Architecture Engineering, Ain-Shams University, 1998.
  • B.Sc. of Architecture Engineering, Ain-Shams University, 1991

Assoc. Prof. Tamer Refaat

Vice Dean of Engineering School Head of Architecture Department at Engineering School

  • PhD in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2010.
  • Master of Science in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2004.
  • B.Sc. of Architectural Engineering, October High Institute for Architectural Engineering and Business Administration, 1999.

Dr. Ehab Hussein Kamel

Assistant professor at Engineering School

  • PhD in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2014.

    • Master of Science in Architecture Engineering, Cairo University, 2005.

    • B.Sc. of Architectural Engineering, October High Institute for Engineering and Technology, 1999.

Head of Department Message

Assco. Prof. Dr. Tamer Refaat
Head of Architecture Department
The department’s goals come from the institute’s goals and vision, aimed to serve the community and create a highly qualified graduate who is capable of challenging the architecture market, distinguished by his capabilities in solving problems and inventing creative designs with the possibility of preserving the surrounding environment.

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