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About Major

The electronic publishing and journalism is focusing on the writing ,Reporting ,interviewing ,designing , editing the Content for both printed and online/Digital media platforms starting from the Print journals , magazines and ending up with the electronic publishing on digital platforms

Program Objectives

Advantages of studying journalism and electronic publishing:

  • Acquisition of a wide and huge cultural background
    in various magazines.
  • Gain the skills of speaking and the ability to express.
  • Acquisition of critical thinking and creativity skills.
  • The ability to influence public opinion.
  • Getting to know professional and media honor

What will I learn?

Each year students register in 6 course including 4 mandatory and 2 elective in each Major sheets are attached.

Career Path

Reporters , News writers , editors , videographer , content creators on digital platforms, web designer , journalists, news producer

Providing an educational and training environment capable of improving the talents of students, and preparing them for the requirements of the local, Arab and international markets and for graduate studies, and in line with the spirit of the modern era and technological developments in the various branches of media and journalism

Major of Journalism And Online Publishing

Study Plan

Journalism students at CIC study reporting, design, and electronic journalism, in addition to the existence of various other science curricula such as photojournalism and specialized journalism that includes business journalism, sports journalism, foreign affairs reports, web design, and also creative writing, so that each student can specialize in the field and specialization of his choice.

(GEN101) Arabic language level 1
(GEN 102) English language Level 1
(GEN103) Introduction to internet uses
(GEN104) Contemporary political issues
(GEN105) Reasoning and critical thinking
(COM110) Introduction to Communication
(COM111) Introduction to journalism
(COM112) Introduction to Radio and television
(COM113) Introduction To Public Relation and Advertising
(COM114) Introduction to New Media
(COM201) Arabic language level 2 GEN101
(COM202) English Language Level 2 GEN102
(COM203) Media And soceity
COM204 Media law and ethics
COM205 Public Opinion
COM206 Theories of Communication COM110
COM213 Media Translation
COM214 Masscommunication Topics In English
COM207 Introduction to Research Methods

(MCE1) English CE1
(MCE2) English CE2 MCE1
(GEN106) Economic Concepts
(GEN107) Modern History
(GEN108) Moral Reasoning
(GEN109) Effective Presentation Skills

(COM208) Principles of statistics
(COM209) Communication Psychology
(COM110) Human rights
(COM211) Media literacy

(JOR303) History of Egyptian Journalism
(JOR304) Journalism Writing styles Level 1 COM111
(JOR305) Journalism Layout and design
(JOR306) Data & Infographic Journalism
(JOR307) Arab and international journalism
(JOR308) Computer applicaions in journalism
(JOR 309) Electronic Journalism
(JOR310) Specialized Journalsim
(JOR311) Photojournalism
(JOR312) Quantitative Journalism Research COM207
(JOR313) Training
(JOR401) Journalism Writing styles Level 2 (advanced) JOR304
(JOR402) Investigative Reporting Journalism
(JOR403) Journalism writing for radio and television
JOR404 Journalism websites design COM308
JOR405 Qualitative Journalism Research COM207
JOR406 Social Media Journalism
JOR411 Graduation Project

(JOR314) Arts of Printing
(JOR315) Publishing
(JOR316) Citizen Journalism COM114
(JOR407) Computer use in SPSS
(JOR408) Writing international reports
(JOR409) Fundamentals of Critical writing

Institute Requirements ( Elective A ) (Select 6 Credit Hrs.)

  • (CIS 111)Principles of Construction & Building Engineering
  • (ARC 111)Arts & Architecture 
  • (ELP 111)Principles of Electrical Engineering
  • (ELE 121)Principles of Electronic Engineering
  • (MED 111)Principles of Design & Manufacturing Engineering 
  • (MEP 111)Principles of Mechanical Power Engineering
  • (ARC 110)Principles of Architectural Design
  • (ELE 477)Principles of Coding Theory
  • (ELE 472)Principles of Optoelectronics

General Requirements ( Elective A ) (Select 8 Credit Hrs.)

  • (HUM X62)Music Appreciation
  • (HUM X71)Introduction to History of Civilization
  • (HUM X72)Trends in Contemporary Arts
  • (HUM X73)Recent Egypt's History
  • (HUM X74)Heritage of Egyptian Literature
  • (HUM X75)Arab & Islamic Civilization
  • (HUM X76)Literary Appreciation
  • (HUM X51)Communication in Education I
  • (HUM X52) Communication in Education 2

General Requirements ( Elective B ) (Select 2 Credit Hrs.)

  • (HUM 121)Introduction to Accounting
  • (HUM 221)Business Administration

Major Requirements (Elective A) Select 4 Credit Hrs.

  • (ARC 327)Architectural Criticism & Projects Evaluation
  • (ARC 334)Building Economics
  • (ARC 335)Advanced Technical Installations
  • (ARC 336)Maintenance of Buildings
  • (ARC 372)Feasibility Studies Of Urban Projects

Major Requirements (Elective B) Select 6 Credit Hrs.

  • (ARC 457)Interior Design
  • (ARC 458)Sustainable Architecture 
  • (ARC 464)Urban Renewal
  • (ARC 481)Conservation of Urban Heritage

Our Staff

Dr. Waleed El-Sayed Hamed

Head of Journal department at Mass Com School.

Assistant Professor at Mass Com School.

Dr. Amira Mahmoud Hassan

Assistant Professor at Mass Com School.

Dr. Mohamed Reda Habeb

Assistant Professor at Mass Com School.

Head of Department Message

Prof. Amal El-Ghazawy
Dean of Mass Comm School , Acting Head of the Journalism And Online Publishing Department
The Department of Journalism in media faculties and institutes is the main pillar in the world of media, and through it, the rest of the other departments branch off, where the student can study the creative and written arts that qualify him to work in various media disciplines.
The department is providing educational programs and activities and print media production, which includes (newspapers _ magazines _ bulletins). There are also laboratories study and training on journalistic production to prepare a graduate who can design a newspaper through

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