The Role of Youth in the Participation and Building of the New Republic

In a bid to foster civic engagement and educate young minds about their crucial role in shaping the future of Egypt, CIC recently organized an enlightening session for its students.

 The event, titled “The Role of Youth in the Participation and Building of the New Republic” aimed to empower students with knowledge about their civic responsibilities in the upcoming elections. 

The session, held on 7 December 2023, brought together a diverse group of students from various academic backgrounds, eager to learn more about their role in the development and progress of the nation. 

The event was attended by esteemed guest speakers, including renowned political figures, activists, and educators, who shared their insights and experiences with the enthusiastic audience, Mr. Ahmed Fathy “ Member of the Egyptian Parliament & Founder of YLF, Mr. Mahmoud Elkot Senator in the Egyptian Congress, Ms.Hadia Hosny Member of the National Assembly of Egypt.

During the session, the students were enlightened about the significance of their participation in the building of the new Egyptian republic. They were encouraged to actively engage in the democratic process and embrace their right to vote as a powerful tool for change. 

The speakers emphasized that their votes could shape the future landscape of Egypt and help bring about positive transformations in various sectors, such as education, healthcare, economy, and social justice. 

The event featured interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and informative presentations, aimed at addressing any concerns or queries the students may have had regarding their role in the democratic process. 

 Furthermore, the session also shed light on the significance of maintaining an open dialogue with elected representatives and engaging in grassroots movements to amplify their voices. The students were encouraged to actively participate in community initiatives, advocate for causes they believe in, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to bring about positive change. The college administration expressed its commitment to providing ongoing support and resources to facilitate the students’ political engagement.

In conclusion, the session at [College Name] on the participation and building of the new Egyptian republic and the right to vote was a resounding success. The event fostered a sense of civic responsibility among the students, empowering them to actively engage in the democratic process and contribute to the progress and development of their beloved nation.

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