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About Major

The Marketing concentration offered by the Business Institute at CIC provides students with the opportunity to develop skills that enable them to function in different marketing roles while working closely and effectively with other business functions. Students usually choose their area of specialization at the beginning of their third academic year, they get to study market research, digital marketing, advertising, etc. along with training provided by industry professionals every year to the students to prepare them for the job market upon graduation.


Program Objectives

The department’s goals come from the institute’s goals and vision, aimed to serve the community and create a highly qualified graduate who is capable of challenging the architecture market, distinguished by his capabilities in solving problems and inventing creative designs with the possibility of preserving the surrounding environment

What will I learn?

You’ll study marketing techniques that stress business development through communication, research, marketing strategies, sales techniques, and analysis. Learn how to reach out to potential customers, through market research, understanding your brand and your product, identifying your competitive advantage, and communicating it to the market that will help you reach your targets.

Career Path

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Proceeding Publication All papers / abstracts accepted for presentation in this conference will be Blind Peer Reviewed and will be published in the conference abstract book of proceeding with an ISBN in a soft form. Publication Opportunity in Conference Associated Journals All papers of the conference will also be reviewed jointly by Review Board and respective Journals reviewing teams. All the selected authors will be offered for publication in indexed associated journals subject to the compliance with journals guidelines, terms and conditions. Associated journals will allocate a special / regular issue for papers submitted to this conference. Important Note All Authors are acknowledged that we have some journals associated with conference, which charge publication fee. So if paper is accepted in those Journals authors will be requested to pay publication fee. If paper accepted in Journal which has no fee so authors will get free of cost online publication.

Major of Marketing

Study Plan

CIC Business Administration offers a range of specializations that will enhance your management skills.

Semester 1

  • (ENGL 172) ENGL 101
  • (BADM 100) Introduction To Business
  • (ECON 101) Principles Of Microeconmics
  • (ACCT 150) Accounting I
  • (BASC 121) Introduction To Statistics
  • (HUMN XXX)

Semester 2

  • (ENGL 173) ENGL 102
  • (COMP 202) Computers In Business
  • (BASC 120) Calculus for Business
  • (ECON 102) Principles Of Macroeconmics
  • (ACCT 151) Accounting II
  • (BADM 201) Organizational Behavior I

Semester 3

  • (FINC 240)Business Finance I
  • (BADM200)Personal communication skills
  • (MRKT160)Introduction To Marketing
  • (BADM 301)Business Law I
  • (BADM252)Production and Operations Management
  • (HUMN XXX)

Semester 4

  • (BASC220)Quantitative Methods
  • (BADM 360)Supply chain
  • (BADM 204)Human Resources
  • (FINC241)Business Finance II
  • (GEN)
  • (HUMN XXX)

Semester 5

  • (ACCT 354)Cost Accounting
  • (FINC 432)Money and Banking I
  • (ECON301)International Economy
  • (HUMN310)Human Rights
  • (GEN)

Semester 6

  • (ACCT350)Managerial Accounting
  • (BADM303)Administrative Problem Solving
  • (BADM304)Leadership in Organizations
  • (MRKT 332)Marketing Management
  • (BADM362)Administrative Information System
  • (HUMN330)Introduction To Western Civilization.

Semester 7

  • (BADM401)International Business Management
  • (BADM402)Strategic Management
  • (MRKT363)International marketing
  • (MAJOR)
  • (MAJOR)

Semester 8

  • (BADM400)Management Of Small Business.
  • (BADM 414)Business Competitive Strategy.
  • (BADM 419)Research Method
  • (GEN)
  • (MAJOR)
  • (MAJOR)

(only 3 courses = 9 Crd Hours)
Pick 3 Courses

  • (BADM203)Introduction to public communication.
  • (ENGL170)Communication 1
  • (ENGL171)Communication 2
  • (HUMN 230)Political science.
  • (HUMN 231)Media.
  • (HUMN 232)Sociology
  • (HUMN238)Introduction to Negotiation Skills.

Institute Elective (only 3 courses = 9 Crd Hours)

Pick 3 Courses

  • (BADM 202) Organizational Behavior ||
  • (HUMN 239) Information System Management
  • (HUMN 332) Advanced Negotiation Skills
  • (MRKT 260) Industrial Marketing
  • (HUMN 231)Media.
  • (HUMN 232)Sociology
  • (HUMN238)Introduction to Negotiation Skills.

Specialized elective (only 4 courses = 12 Crd Hours)

  • (BADM 302)Business Law ||.
  • (FINC 442)Long term Finance.
  • (FINC 444)Capital Markets.
  • (FINC 445)Money and Banking||.
  • (FINC 446)Working capital management.
  • (MRKT 261)Marketing channels.
  • (MRKT 365)Marketing for non profit organizations.
  • (MRKT 469)Marketing Strategy.

Our Stuff

Dr. Adel Mohamed Zaki Ali

Professor/Dean of Business

• PhD in Philosophy of Science, university of abredon , 1987. • M.SC in Science, Aswan University, 1979. • B.Sc in Science, Cairo University, 1974.

Dr. Rawia Abd El-Kader Mohamed Awes

Associate Professor & Vice Dean at Business Administration Dept.

• PhD in Business Administration, Cairo University, 2012. • M.SC in Business Administration, AAST, 2004 • B.Sc in Oriental language& Literature Islamk branch, Cairo University, 1980.

Dr. Nabil Ahmed Ali Al-Sakka

Associate Professor at Business Administration Dept.

• PhD in Business Administration, Sadat Academy, 2005. • M.SC in Business Administration, Sadat Academy, 2001. • B.Sc in Business Administration, Alexandria University, 1991.

Head of Department Message

Sohaila Elgrawany
Procurement Specialist, Pepsico
CIC helped me throughout my years of study by boosting and improving a lot of skills required nowadays in the market, I also attended employment fairs, mock interviews and soft skills training sessions that helped me a lot to set up my goals and practice to show strengths and skills that the potential employer looking for.
I would describe my experience at CIC as it was joyful and useful experience and great journey qualified me to a better future, CIC taught me a lot not only through courses I took but also through practical applications and the flexibility to mingle in the CICIAN community and activities. I’m still connected to CIC through CIC Alumni.

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